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So you've found it, and now you ask "What is The D Files"?

Its about me, it's about you and its about the world we live in with all its wonders and problems, blessings and curses and pleasures and pains.  It's for my questions and my answers and for you to add to that conversation.

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By daishik on 22 March 2011 11:57

One quote has been in the fore of my mind over the last few days.

"...people are basically stupid and will believe anything you tell them..." George Carlin.

This morning my iGoogle quotes brought up

"You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public" Scott Adams.

And both these have something in my reflections on the crisis regarding the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

Today I read this from the BBC. It is sadly the first sensible appraisal of the situation from a global media baying hysterically for some kind of nuclear acopalypse, spurred on by vested interests or worse, misinformation by and within the 'green' community.

I share mos Read More »

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