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Referendum Post-mortem

It has been a few days now since the UK referendum and although the country as a whole is still coming to terms with it, and the government tries to put a brave face on the chaos that follows, I thought I should try to work out what has happened, at least for my own understanding.

How is it that a fairly liberal Western country in which patriotism is rarely worn on a sleeve took such a sharp turn to the right?  I guess I'm trying to put into context the rage that some Remain voters now feel against Leave voters. Speaking for myself, I didn't feel anger so much as disappointment.  I think as a fairly recent immigrant I took it quite personally and as a liberal and my opinion of Britain as a tolerant and liberal country was shaken.

Since that initial feeling however, my own opinion following the recriminations and reaction over the past few days has been that the so-called lurch to the right does not exist.  In a binary  More