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Why I'm voting to RemaIN

I've been dithering for months, arguing on Quora and reading articles, watching debates on whether I should be a "Brexiter" or a "Bremainer".  I've finally decided.  It has not been easy because the debate has been very low quality on both sides.

I have also been put off to a certain extent by the fabricated figures of the Remain camp. But at least they cannot be accused of outright lying - which is more than can be said about the Leave campaign.  Nevertheless I have decided to put down my reasons for the decision I've made.  It has nothing to do with economics which the Remain camp have been putting forward or the immigration argument put forward by the Leave camp.  I still have reservations about remaining in the EU so I put these forward before going on to the positives as I see them.

Negatives of remaining

  • I fear that the UK wi  More