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Who will succeed President Mugabe?

Things are moving very fast at the moment in Zimbabwe (Robert Mugabe 'under house arrest'). It looks now most likely that the next president of Zimbabwe will be Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The ideological core of ZANU-PF and the army is absolutely obsessed on it's liberation war 'heroes' and they will rally around Mnangagwa as one such hero, and the army will soon oversee his coronation. He has already returned to the country after his short exile in Mozambique or South Africa.

Not only was Grace Mugabe not part of the liberation war (she would have been only a child during much of the war), she had not served in any official role other than an appointment as ZANU-PF Women's League leader. Many believe that Mugabe was being 'used' by Grace to further her own ambitions - and she was interested only in making money and feathering the nests of her children. Nobody believes that she has any vision or plan for running the country or improving the lives of citizens. And more importantly for the military, she is not even that interested in ZANU-PF.

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