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The D Files is back!

Over the past few years I fell out of favour of blogging.  It just took too much effort and I began to favour the concise nature and instant gratification of Twitter.

But the world has changed in recent months and years - and not necessarily for the better.  I find myself frustrated by the limit of 140 characters of Twitter on one hand, and the mundane and exhibitionist nature of of much of Facebook which allows longer posts.

In any case, my Facebook account is locked down to just friends so it couldn''t reach a wider readership.

So I'm back and I'll try to write short posts about the aforementioned changes in the world - or at least expand on the odd tweet or two to fill in a bit more depth. 

I think I will still focus on Twitter - hence it's prominence on my homepage, and I don't think I'll be going for essay-type posts as I tended to on the previous incarnation of The D Files.

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